What is 1 divided by 0? | Brilliant Math & Science Wiki

… speakingit is undefined. See the consequences of assuming that 10 1 0 is defined for yourself in the following problem! False substitution Incorrect factoring Multiplying unknown variables Introducing -b2 – b 2 Dividing by zero. What is wrong with the following proof? Let a=b=1 a = b = 1 , then a=b. a = b . Step 1: a2 =ab …

Division by zero – Wikipedia

In ordinary arithmetic, the expression has no meaning, as there is no number which, multiplied by 0, gives a (assuming a?0), and so division by zero is undefined. Since any number multiplied by zero is zero, the expression 0/0 is also undefined; when it is the form of a limit, it is an indeterminate form. Historically, one of the …

Is 1/0 infinity? – Updated – Quora

Originally Answered: Is 1 divided by 0 equal to infinity, or is it undefined? Answering this question carefully really requires us to specify the number system we are working in. The usual number system is called the real numbers. In the real numbers, infinity is not a number. So we can’t say that anything equals the number …

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