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Are you a history guru or a neophyte? Take the quiz to find out. Start. Black History Trivia Quiz. You got out of 25 questions correct. YOUR QUIZ RANK. More Quizzes. Who was the first African American Major League Baseball player? Satchel Paige. Ernie Banks. Jackie Robinson. Larry Doby. Where was Malcolm X killed?

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Test your knowledge with a black history quiz, pop culture quiz and others from PBS Black Culture Connection. How much black history … Pick from the list below to check out some of our favorite quizzes across PBS. GrayBar.png … Race & Society. Find out how much you know about the African American cultural legacy.

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Trivia Quiz: Black History. How much do you know about African American leaders and events? by AARP|Comments: 0. Join the Discussion. | 0 | Add Yours. Please leave your comment below. You must be logged in to leave a comment. 33 comments. Down arrow Livefyre · Get Livefyre · FAQ. Sign in. 16 people listening …

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Best African american history QuizzesTake or Create African american history Quizzes & Trivia. Test yourself with african american history quizzes, trivia, questions and answers!

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Do you know enough about black history to pass these quizzes? The Africans in Brazil belonged at first to which two major groups? What nation in the Americas with a black majority won independence in 1804 after 13 years of war? What is considered to be the first year when black people arrived in North America? Answer …

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What was the nickname for the all Black 332d Fighter Group of the U.S. Army Air Corps which escorted Allied Bombers through European airspace on 1,578 mission during World War II? A. Flying Blue Aces. B. Tuskegee Airmen. C. 92nd bomber squadron. 12. What service did the first African American female millionaire, …

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Test your knowledge of achievements and historic moments in AfricanAmerican history.

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A huge collection of AfricanAmerican trivia quizzes in our History category. 320 AfricanAmerican trivia questions to answer! Play our quiz games to test your knowledge. How much do you know?

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What early civil rights leader founded the United Negro Improvement Association and began the Back to Africa Movement? Dred Scott. Harriet Tubman Frederick Douglas Marcus Garvey. Which former civil rights leader worked with Martin Luther King Jr. and later became the second AfricanAmerican to run for President?